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Marta Vallejo Arenaz

Strategic Communications specialist, Public Relations and Communications

Marta Vallejo Arenaz profile

Marta Vallejo Arenaz's Bio:

Marta Vallejo Arenaz has a broad experience in Strategic Communications. She has held relevant positions both in the institutional and private sectors. As an expert in Place Branding she has developed Global Strategic Plans for local an  national organizations and institutions.

Marta Vallejo Arenaz's Experience:

  • CEO at Granta Consulting

  • Director of Communications at Ministry of the Presidency, Spain, Expo Zaragoza 2008

  • Directora Comunicacion Of. Comisario at Expo Zaragoza

  • CEO at Granta, Place & Country Branding

Marta Vallejo Arenaz's Education:

  • UNED

    Degree in Law
  • LSPR, London

    Diploma IMC
  • Universidad de Navarra

    Licenciada en Ciencias de la Información
    Concentration: .
  • Universidad de Navarra

    Bachelor?s Degree
    Concentration: Communication Sciences

Marta Vallejo Arenaz's Interests & Activities:

Place Branding & Strategic Communications

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